Sikh Wedding Checklist

  1. Roka/ Thaka
  • Meva (mixed dry fruits) in a tray
  • Indian sweets – usually Laddoos
  • The Engagement rings!
  1. Chunni Ceremony
  • Red outfit – usually a salwar suit
  • Basket of fresh fruit
  • Tray of meva (mixed dry fruits)
  • Indian sweets – to feed the bride
  • Accessories to go with the outfit – jewellery, bindis and bangles
  • Mehndi cone with mehndi
  • Sindoor – this is optional as not all the families carry out this ritual
  • Makeup – Lipstick, eyeliner, eye – shadow (it is not limited to this)
  • Bridal clutch purse
  • Simple red chunni
  • Red handkerchief for shagun purposes
  1. Kurmai

The bride’s family would bring:

  • A gold kada for the groom
  • A basket of laddoos
  • A small box of laddoos to feed the groom
  • Basket of fresh fruits in odd numbers (3 or 5)
  • Tray of dry fruits in an odd number (5 or 7 different kinds of dry fruit)
  • Garland for milni of the couple’s fathers

The groom’s family would have:

  • Palla for the groom
  • A small box of laddoos to feed the groom
  • Basket of laddoos to give the bride’s family before they leave
  • Rumalla – only if the ceremony is being held at the Gurudwara
  • Garland for milni of the couple’s fathers
  1. Shagun and Saaha Patr/ Chithi (Wedding Invitation)
  • Box of laddoos
  • Tray of mixed dry fruits
  • Saffron to splash on the wedding invite
  • Gaaney to tie the  wedding invite
  • The Wedding Invitation!
  1. Ladies sangeet
  • Kohris – Sangeet songs in a booklet
  1. Maiyan/ Vatna
  • Powered colour for the rangoli design
  • Handful of flour
  • Handful of rice
  • Peeri – stool for the couple to sit on
  • Fatti – piece of decorative wood to place couple’s feet on
  • Vatna – the turmeric mix applied to the couple
  • Gaaney – for the ladies
  • Thaal – tray in which all this is carried by the bride and groom
  • Boiled rice and sugar mix
  • Chunni – to hold over the bride and groom during the ceremony
  1. Jago
  • Jaagos – usually at least 2
  • Chaj – bamboo tray
  • Jaago sticks
  • Traditional novelty outfits
  1. Mehndi
  • Mehndi cones with mehndi
  • Lemon juice and sugar mix with cotton balls
  • Music 
  • Dholki – to play music
  1. Choora ceremony
  • Choora
  • Kaleerey
  • Bowl with half milk and half water
  • Red chunni – to be put across the bride’s shoulders
  • Indian sweets
  • Peeri – for the bride to sit on during the ceremony
  1. The Wedding Day: Part One – Morning of the wedding
  • Kirpan
  • 2 haars – one for the groom and one for the sarwalla
  • Surma (kohl)
  • Box of laddoos
  • Palla (wedding scarf)
  • Sehra
  • Kalgi
  1. The Wedding Day: Part Two – at the Gurudwara
  • Milni haars – number dependant on the number of milnis to be done multiplied by 2
  • 2 rumallas – one for the bride and one for the groom
  • 2 handkerchiefs – for shagun purposes
  1. Doli
  • Bowl of rice
  • Gifts for the bride and groom from the bride’s family
  1. Paani Varna
  • Garvi – to hold the water
  • Oil
  • Glass of milk
  1. Reception
  • Book a DJ
  • Book a Venue
  • Book a caterer
  • Book waiting staff
  • Book any entertainment
  • Book venue decor
  • Place an order for the wedding cake

So this is the end to the checklist for Sikh Wedding Rituals and Traditions. Make sure that you have all the items needed for the rituals and traditions beforehand. 

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