Kiran Sahota

Wedding Planner | Blogger

I’m a Wedding Planner based in Mississauga, ON and have been in the Event Industry for over 5 years. I love to write about my experiences from most of my events and pass on tips on how to work it for the future. Being a Scorpio, I am very passionate about what I do, which also means that when it comes to details, I am a perfectionist!

Apart from being a Wedding Planner and a blogger now, I spend most of my free time baking chocolate desserts and reading classic novels. My favourite up to date is Pride and Prejudice



Kiranable is the one – stop blogging website owned by Kiran Sahota, a certified Wedding Planner in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

As she is a Wedding Planner, Kiran Sahota writes about weddings that she has coordinated and her experience during each planning process.

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