A Guide to Full Wedding Planning Service

What does a full planning wedding service include?

Hiring a wedding planner is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a whole lot of them that pop up when you search on Google and while they may all offer very similar services, they are all very different. Most of them market their work by showcasing the previous weddings that they have done and the locations of those weddings.

With more newcomers wedding planners in the industry these past years, the biggest issue is competition as many of these newcomers offer a lower price for their services, but you should keep in mind that a cheaper price does not always mean better service/ product. The experience of various years counts to choosing the right wedding planner for you. Many, if not all, wedding planners offer a full planning service where they would help you through everything from start to finish. To help you understand better, here is more information on what a full planning service entails:

Hiring Vendors

From venue to stationery designer, a full planning service would include the wedding planner to help you book every wedding professional you may need. They would suggest vendors you may have never heard of but will still be one of the best in their industry. They would also suggest vendors for some things you may never have thought of getting, for example, a sari draper for those who may not know how to drape one on their own. 

If and when you book you vendors, the wedding planner will be there to manage all conversations and negotiations for any extra costs that may have to be incurred in the future. Many wedding planners now offer a site visit for ground checking and checking for any logistical needs that may need to be catered for on the day of the event. They also book a date for the couple and the wedding party to come in for a rehearsal so that the party is familiar with the venue and where they will be and what they will be doing on the day of the event. 

It’s more than just decor

Many couples tend to think that wedding planners mostly cater to the decor of their events, but that is a fraction of what the wedding planners do. They put out fires that you didn’t know of and they make sure that your event runs on time and follows the proper timeline that was created for it. They take care of any background needs, for example, a bartender running out of ice. A full planning service means taking care of the couple’s every need and also giving them the option to create something that reflects them more. 

Guests experience

The wedding planner will be focused on the couple but they would also be focused on providing the guests a very memorable service. They could suggest various interactive entertainment options for when the couple needs a breather or are busy in taking pictures. 

It goes beyond the wedding day

With an increasing number of pre-wedding events, bridal showers, wedding weekends and destination weddings, wedding planners are now approached to plan them. I would suggest that couples add all the events that they need help in planning in the wedding planner’s contract. 


When it comes to hosting any event, it cannot be done by one person only. It takes a team to execute all event details and make sure they come through. The wedding planners team will be on site to overlook everything. They would make sure that the couple gets what they asked for. This would include the flowers in the decor, the layout of the floorplan, the colour of lights they chose. They would ensure that each vendor is there on time and ready for the program to begin. This also means that the team will be the point of contact during the week of the event and any communications between the couple and vendors are to be made through the wedding planner and team. This is to make sure that the couple enjoys their day(s) and that the vendors don’t disturb the couple during this time. 


A wedding planner would help the couple determine the budget they would be working with as it is the first time that many of the couples are planning a high – scale event. The wedding planner may also help you in booking services/ products of whose prices the couple did not think of including. This may include the designing of the wedding website.

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